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No more harsh smoke

Introducing FIZ, the colorful bong water alternative that improves the marijuana smoke quality and self cleans the bong.

Smoke more...cough less

FIZ cools and filters the marijuana smoke more efficiently than water, Enjoy cleaner, smoother tokes without the coughing.

No clogging, no cleaning

FIZ self cleans your water pipe. No buildup of sludge to clean.

Safe & Natural

Formulated with natural organic ingredients, FIZ is safe & environment friendly, safe to use and safe to discard.


Watch Demo Video Below:

* Back in Stock * Best way to smoke weed

Aren't you tired of cleaning and struggling to unclog your water pipe? Why bother when you can turn your weed pipe to a self cleaning bong? Fiz is the best way to smoke weed and is the ideal 420 accessory for your bong. Not only will your water bong clean itself while smoking marijuana with Fiz, the tokes will be clean and smooth, eliminating pot coughing. It will also clear up the stoners cough (chronic coughing) that you may of developed by smoking weed frequently by smoking with other methods. If one hit from the weed pipe triggers a cough attack, then smoking marijuana with Fiz is your solution for super smooth tokes. Medical marijuana patients in search of a the healthy way to consume medical marijuana, we invite you to discover the best way of smoking medical marijuana. Recreational cannabis smokers will enjoy the great taste and appreciate the cool color the Fiz adds to your water bong. Visit why smoke weed with Fiz for a detailed comparison and benefits of smoking weed with Fiz vs Water. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend smoking marijuana with Fiz in a transparent glass bong. If you are still smoking marijuana with plain water then you're missing out. Try Fiz today!
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